4955 Alton Tucker Boulevard NE, Suite 600, Sugar Hill, GA 30518 (678) 367-0228


We offer on-site childcare for our patients (and parents).


Because Dr. Murray has two children and she is well aware how difficult it can be to get a babysitter for an hour or two while you go to the dentist.

North Gwinnett Dental Care has always had some form of childcare in the office (since 1994), but this office by far has the most elaborate set up. This service is free and we always have a professional childcare attendant in the playroom to make sure your child or children are happy at all times.


Our infant area boasts a crib, changing table and rocker for nursing.


Our toddler area has a playhouse with a kitchen, living room (with television) and garage (complete with car).

School-Age and Teens

The school age and teen area wouldn’t be complete without video games. We have several games for every age group.