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Make a Payment

We do not accept Medicaid or PeachCare

We hope that all of our dental patients can keep their teeth for their entire lifetime. The benefits of having your teeth during your golden years are enormous. We will do all that we can to assist you in getting the needed and desired dental care for you and your family.

We have several options available to make dental care completely affordable. Our dental team is experienced and educated on all our options – just ask!

We have many finance choices from a very small monthly payment over the course of five years all the way up to a 5% discount for complete payment made prior to commencing treatment.

Payment accepted at the time of treatment.

We accept cash, personal checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express. If you are fortunate enough to have dental insurance, we will only collect the amount we do not expect insurance to pay (assuming you have a current financial policies form on file with us). We are only able to ESTIMATE what insurance will pay (based on traditional insurance) and if a balance is remaining after insurance has paid their portion – we will then send you a statement of anything that is owed.

Care Credit is a healthcare financing company that we have partnered up with to offer interest free (up to eighteen months with no interest) and low interest loans (up to five years) to our patients. Apply in the office, by phone or by the web: CareCredit.com

Lending Club Patient SolutionsĀ is a healthcare financing company that offers low interest loans (up to seven years) for more expensive treatment plans (usually over $9000.00). Applications are online at: lendingclub.com

5% Discount plans over $2000.00

We offer a discount of 5% off of the total treatment plan if paid for with cash or check on or prior to the date of service. The patient’s portion must be over $2000.00.

Lay Away

We offer a payment plan for anyone that does not want to access traditional financing and cannot pay the treatment fee on the date of service. Any amount of payment that we receive will be applied to your ledger as a credit. Once you have built up enough credit, we will be able to schedule your dental treatment.