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No Injection Anesthetic

Recently FDA approved Kovanaze Nasal Spray for use as dental anesthesia. Kovanaze Nasal Spray is now available and should serve as an excellent adjunct in dentistry. Dentists are always trying to create a painless experience for patients, and injections often create stress not only for the patient, but also for many dentists. The goal and biggest benefit of this anesthetic delivery
system is it serves to help eliminate this concern in theupper front teeth. With Kovanaze, you can achieve anesthesia without a needle while maintaining lip mobility and feeling. This medication is delivered by being inhaled thru the nose on the side that needs to be numbed. It is revolutionary for dental procedure- especially for those patients that are anxious about injections!

This anesthesia has been used for years by Ear, Nose and Throat Physicians, to do surgery. It was recently discovered that in addition to areas where they were working, the teeth were also numb! It’s taken about ten years to get it to the dental market- but we do now have it available in our office!

The notion of being able to provide a more pleasant experience for our patients makes this product one that I was anxiously excited to make part of my practice.

The Cost:

As would be expected- this product does cost more than our traditional anesthetic. The cost to us is $44 per side- we will be charging $45 per side to our patients that want it. It is completely optional, but for those patients that are interested it is available.